Honeycomb Ice Cream

30 minutes



I’m sorry there are no words, seriously the only feedback I got for this ice-cream was a series of sighs and grunts. The slight bitterness of the honeycomb contrasts with the sweetness of the vanilla making it excessively morish.

Honeycomb Ice Cream


Add the condensed milk and plant based double cream to a mixing bowl.

Add the vanilla extract and beat with a whisk for a 4 minutes to add air.

Churn in an ice cream machine as per the manufactures instructions.

Crush some of the honeycomb and layer between the freshly churned vanilla ice cream.

The ice cream will only give a soft churn and may take slightly longer than normal. I would normally put 4 layers of crushed honeycomb in a one litre tub.



For vanilla ice cream

2 Cups of plant-based double cream

1 tin vegan condensed milk

2 tsp vanilla extract.

honeycomb (see honeycomb recipe)