Korean Bibimbap

40 minutes



Korean style rice bowl with tofu and Gochujang.
Bibimbap literally translates as mixed rice and is a fantastic method of cooking a healthy dinner or lunch.
This recipe is very flexible, as you can use almost any veggies you have in your fridge. Gochujang is a must for this recipe, the chilli paste is spicy and pungent and makes the dish. Optionally serve with Kimchi. I like lots of different flavours so items can be omitted or added as you require.

Korean Bibimbap


Mix the dressing ingredients together and place to one side.

Mix the tofu dressing ingredients together.

In a medium hot pan with a touch of oil brown the sliced tofu on both sides.

Turn down the heat to low and brush the tofu with a little of the dressing.

Turn over and cook for 1 minute.

Brush the other side and cook this side for 1 minute.

Warm the rice and place the hot rice on the bottom of your bowl.

Arrange the aubergine, spring onions, mushrooms and any other vegetables on the top.

Serve with the Gochujang dressing.


3 portions of cooked rice

1 small aubergine sliced and grilled

150g pan fried mushrooms (we used grey oyster)

2 spring onions shredded

Any other veggies you want to use

For the dressing

2Tbsp Gochujang

2Tbsp low sodium soy sauce

1Tbsp maple syrup

For the extra tasty Tofu

1 small block of firm pressed tofu (sliced)

2Tbsp miso

1Tbsp maple syrup

1tsp mirin or rice wine vinegar