Ramen with pickled ginger and crispy tofu

The more the better



A Japanese style broth with Udon noodles and loaded with veggies, the perfect healthy lunch.
Ramen is all about the broth; it just can't be rushed. It needs time to build the complex flavours. If you cook your broth the day before, it's even better. It's very easy to make and personalise to your taste.

Ramen with pickled ginger and crispy tofu


Preheat the oven to 180C gas mark 4

Pour 200ml of the water into a large roasting tray

Add the leek, carrots, ginger, onions and garlic to the roasting tray

Season with salt and pepper, cover with foil and roast for 25 minutes 

Add the remaining water, chilli, Aonori, miso and stock to a saucepan

Remove the tray of veg from the oven and add the contents to the saucepan

Bring the mixture to a boil then simmer gently covered for one hour

Let the mixture steep with a lid on for a further hour and a half or over night

Bring back to the boil and add the soy sauce

Strain the broth into another pan and check for seasoning

Add the precooked noodles to the broth to heat

Remove the noodles and add to your serving bowls

Gently ladel over your broth and top with your garnish ingredient


 For the broth

1 leek quartered

5cm thumb of ginger

2 large carrots peeled and halved

2 onions peeled and halved

Three quarter a head of garlic, skinned

1.2 litres water

4 spring onions whole

1 medium hot chilli, deseeded

500ml veg stock

1 tablespoon Aonori dried seaweed

1 tablespoon miso

70ml low sodium or light soy sauce

4 portions of Pre cooked noodles

For the garnish

Crispy tofu (for the best method for crispy tofu see the korean crispy tofu recipe) 

pickled ginger

bamboo shoots

sugar snap peas

shredded red cabbage


chilli and coriander.