Shredded Peking Jackfruit

20 minutes



You can buy the fake peking duck from the supermarket, but this is far better and you can make it yourself.

Shredded Peking Jackfruit


It's all in the shredding!

Drain the jackfruit and then give it a good wash

Squeeze as much water out of the jackfruit as possible using either your hand or I used a cylinder and a potato masher

The easiest way to shred it is with your fingers.

Grasp the core of the jackfruit between fingers and thumb of one hand and use your other hand to squeeze and squash the fibres, they will come away from the core

Discard any seed pods and the core.

You should end up with a bowl of shredded jackfruit

Use a clean tea towel to squeeze out leftover water.

Place a non-stick frying pan on a medium heat add the oil.

Add the jackfruit.

Use a plastic potato masher or wooden spoon to break down any remaining lumps.

Lower the heat and add the 5 spice

Stir until the jackfruit is dry

Add the soya sauce and stir until absorbed.

Take off the heat and stir in the Hoisin sauce.

Serve with Chinese pancakes, matchsticks of cucumber, shredded spring onions, and more hoisin sauce.


2 Tins of Jackfruit

1tbsp flavour neutral oil

1tbsp low sodium soya sauce

2tbsp Hoisin sauce or Peking duck sauce (check to make sure it's vegan)

1/4 tsp Chinese 5 spice