Vegan Honeycomb

10 minutes



This is such a fun thing to make and it’s quite easy. You can use it in ice cream, (see honeycomb ice-cream recipe) coat in chocolate, or use as a dessert garnish.

Vegan Honeycomb


Add your sugar and golden syrup to a large saucepan.

Place on a low heat stirring occasionally until the sugar crystals have dissolved.

Meanwhile use the butter to grease the inside of a large cake tin.

Turn the heat up and stir occasionally until your mixture starts to change colour.

As soon as it's a rich golden colour remove from the heat and quickly whisk

in your bicarb ( don’t over whisk or you will lose your bubbles).

Quickly pour into your cake tin (be careful it is very hot).

Leave to cool for an hour.

The deeper your dish the bigger the bubbles you can get.


400g caster sugar

160g golden syrup

4 tsp bicarbonate soda

5g plant-based butter (salted or unsalted as per your preference. )